Displacement-Distance Graph

Displacement – Distance Graph

  1. A Displacement – Distance graph shows the position of each particle in a wave relative to its distance from a reference point.
  2. The distance between two (2) successive crest or trough is the wavelength.
  3. The maximum displacement of the particles from the equilibrium position (displacement = 0) is the amplitude.
  4. The amplitude of the wave will increase as the energy transfers by the wave increase and vice versa.

Comparing Displacement-Time Graph and Displacement- Distance Graph

(Displacement-time graph - Graph of oscillation)

(Displacement-distance graph - Graph of Waves)

  1. Both the displacement-time graph and the displacement distance graph looked similar. However they are 2 different types of graph.
  2. The displacement-time graph illustrate the displacement of an object over time whereas the displacement-distance graph tell the position of the vibrating particles of a wave.
  3. For a displacement- distance graph, the distance between 2 crest/trough represent the period whereas for the displacement-distance graph, it represents the wavelength.