Electromagnetic Waves Spectrum

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  1. The full range of electromagnetic waves, arrange orderly in their wavelengths and frequencies is called the electromagnetic spectrum.
  2. Figure above shows the electromagnetic waves in electromagnetic spectrum.
  3. In SPM, you need to know
    1. The order of the electromagnetic waves in electromagnetic spectrum.
    2. The sources of the electromagnetic waves
    3. The applications of the electromagnetic waves

Sources of Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic Waves Source
Radio Wave Electrical oscillating circuit (consists of a capacitor and an conductor connected in series)
Microwave Oscillating electrical charge in a microwave transmitter
Infrared Hot bodies, the sun and fires
Visible Light The sun, hot objects, fires, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes
Ultraviolet Very hot objects, the sun, mercury vapour lamps
X-ray X-ray tubes where high energy electrons bombarding a metal plate.
Gamma Ray Radioactive substances