Optical Instruments - Compound Microscope

Compound Microscope

Compound Microscope
Object lens Higher power
Eye lens Lower power
Position of the object The object is placed at a position between fo and 2fo.
Nature of the image, I1 Real, inverted and magnified
Position of the image, I1. The first image, I1 must be placed between the optical center of the eye lens with the eye lens principle focus point, fe.
Nature of the image, I2 Virtual, inverted and magnified
Distance in between the two lens The distance between the object lens and the eye lens in a compound microscope is bigger than the sum of the  focal length (fo + fe).
If the distance between both lenses are adjusted to less than (fo + fe), no image can be seen.
Magnification of the compound  microscope. m= m 1 × m 2    = Height of first image ,  I 1 Height of object × Height of second image,  I 2 Height of first image ,  I 1    = Height of second image,  I 2 Height of object
m1 = Linear magnification of the object lens
m2 = Linear magnification of the object lens