3 Types of Radioactive Emission

3 Types of Radioactive Emission

Alpha Particle

  • carries positive charge.
  • most strongly ionizing of the nuclear radiations. 
  • least penetrating. Range in air is only a few centimetres, and can be stopped by a thick sheet of paper.

Beta Particle

  • carry a negative charge. 
  • much less ionizing than alpha emission.
  • more penetrating than alpha emission..
  • have a range of a metre or so in air,
  • can be stopped by a few millimetres of Perspex or aluminium.

Gamma Radiation

  • often emitted at the same time as an alpha or beta particle.
  • least ionizing of the nuclear radiations, 
  • most penetrating.
  • their intensity is greatly reduced by several centimetres of lead, but they are never completely absorbed.