2014 SPM Physics Study Group

The Study Group

We are glad to announce that our Physics tutor, Mr Kwee has agreed to conduct a weekly study group for Malaysia SPM Physics 2014. The study group is open to all Malaysia students, free of charge. It is conducted through our live lessons.

Before each lesson, we will upload notes and videos related to the topic discussed. You are advised to watch all the videos before attending the lesson. During the lesson, the tutor will give you some exercises. The tutor will discuss the exercises after the students have attempted the questions. You can also ask questions related to the topic during the lesson.

How to Join?

Click on the "Classroom Link" given below to access to the virtual classroom. You can use your Facebook account to log in, or register a WIZIQ account to join.

Coming Lesson

Date: 24/7/2014 (Thursday)
Time: 9.00pm - 10.00pm
Topic to be Discussed: Ticker Tape
Fee: Free of Charge
Classroom Linkhttp://goo.gl/iewlXU

Learning Material

  1. Ticker Timer and Ticker Tape
  2. Finding Velocity from Ticker Tape
  3. Finding Acceleration from Ticker Tape 

Make sure that you go through all the notes and watch the videos before attending the class. The tutor will not repeat what have been discussed in the videos during the live lesson. However, you are welcome to ask related question if there is anything that you don't understand.

More Videos by SPMOnlineTuition.blogspot.com
  1. Ticker Tape
  2. Finding Time From a Ticker Tape
  3. Finding Velocity From a Ticker Tape
  4. Finding Acceleration From a Ticker Tape
  5. Finding Acceleration From Ticker Tape Chart

The Facebook Group

We have created a Facebook Group for this study group. All communication such as announcement (for future lesson/ cancel class), uploading notes\ answer will be done through this Group. Therefore, you are advised to subscribe/like this Group. You can also post your questions in the group. The tutor may discuss the question in the lesson. Click on the link below to visit the Group.


NOTE: Please do not request the tutor to add you as friend in his/her personal Facebook acc.!

Virtual Classroom

The lesson is conducted through the WIZIQ virtual classroom. Image above shows the layout of the virtual classroom. The tutor will use the whiteboard for the presentation and teaching. You can communicate with the tutor (such as to ask question or responds to the tutor's question) through the chat room. You can also ask permission to upload files (such as your exam paper, questions from a workbook etc.) that you want to show to the tutor or the other students.

You are advised to install the WizIQ Desktop App for a better Virtual Classroom experience. This may avoid a lot of browser and audio problem.

Classroom Rules

  1. Do not use the chat room to chat with others in the classroom. The chat room is for you to ask question or respond to the teacher’s question.
  2. Do not answer others question in the chat room, unless requested by the teacher. The teacher will answer the question by him/herself.
  3. The teacher may not answer your question immediately when he/she is explaining, hence please be patient to wait for the teacher.
  4. If the teacher overlooks your question, you may remind him/her later.
  5. Do not ask any question not related to the topic.
  6. Do not ask the teacher’s social media account or contact.
  7. Do not ask for forecast questions.