Speed and Velocity

  1. Speed is defined as the rate of change in distance. It is a measure of how fast the distance change in a movement.
  2. Speed is a scalar quantity.
  3. The SI unit of speed is m/s (metre per second)
Equation of Speed

  1. Velocity is define as the rate of displacement change. It is the measure of how fast the displacement change of a moving object.
  2. Velocity is a vector quantity.
  3. The unit of velocity is m/s (metre per second)
Equation of velocity

Positive or Negative Sign of Velocity
  1. In velocity, the positive/negative sign indicates direction.
  2. You can take any direction as positive and the opposite as negative.
  3. For a linear motion, normally we take the motion to the right as positive and hence the motion to the left as negative.

Speed vs Velocity

Linear Motion - Example 1

Linear Motion - Example 2

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